Beth-El Church Of God In Christ
"A Great Past, A Greater Future!"
91 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601- (845) 471-1195 / (845) 471-5847 FAX -
Bishop was a visionary whose long arduous, unrelenting years of dedicated service to his flock and humanity stretches way beyond community boundaries, touching countless people from every walk of life. Throughout his life he maintained high moral and ethical standards. His qualities of living a pure and holy life were a living testament among the people. Many miracles were wrought as this holy man of God laid his hands on the sick. People’s health was restored and their faith renewed.

By 1994 Superintendent Hunt purchased the building previously owned by Faith Assembly of God at 91 Hooker Avenue. He intuitively and single-handedly master-minded and instructed the architects concerning the interior design of this now regally magnificent edifice.

Bishop was revered and respected by all as he served in ministry at Mattawan Prison and as chaplain in the Poughkeepsie Prison Systems. The Poughkeepsie Housing Authority was honored as he served on the Board of Directors for 5 years. Numerous recognitions and accolades by city and state officials have been awarded to him for acts of service and benevolence.

We continue to celebrate his life and continue the legacy of a man of God who did not merely preach a message. He was better than a sermon in words - his life was a sermon in action!